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thePlatform CEO Ian Blaine Explains New Cloud Options

thePlatform has introduced mpx Accelerate, an expansion of its long-standing cloud-based video publishing system that streamlines multiscreen service workflows by adding in-the-cloud storage, transcoding and content origination to CDNs. CEO Ian Blaine reveals details of the new strategy and how it helps content suppliers and network service providers deal with the inflection points that are making it hard for premises-based workflows to keep up with market needs.

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Keys to Enabling Video Commerce

thePlatform’s Advanced Video Commerce solution enables users of the mpx video publishing and management platform to monetize video in every window, including free, ad-supported videos; TVE Everywhere authenticated access, and both series and transactional access to VOD files and live events. In this new white paper thePlatform explains how mpx customers can put Video Commerce to use to maximize the value of content libraries by creating new video packages, pricing offers and merchandising support to ensure users can easily find and purchase valuable content.
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Leading with HTML5 Your Strategy for a Multi-Device World

thePlatform’s support for HTML5 provides online video publishers the tools they need to exploit the full power of a next-generation browser-based approach to delivering branded, feature-rich services to end users. This white paper explains how the mpx video publishing and management system enables content suppliers to leverage the advantages of HTML5 with complete assurance their content will run in all HTML5 and Flash environments with support for advanced advertising, comprehensive analytics and other important functionalities.

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The PlatformVideo Publishing Demo Reveals Smooth Path to Building a Multi-Device Business

Marty Roberts, SVP, sales and marketing, thePlatform, shows how the new MPX console-based video management system allows content owners and service providers to put big video libraries to use in accommodating new business models. The multi-featured automated publishing process allows administrators to easily manage distribution across multiple outlets to devices of all types with all the tools required to scale, format and secure content and to drive new revenues through advertising and premium content.

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Ian Blaine of thePlatformIan Blaine Discusses the Role thePlatform Is Playing in Xfinity & Other Advances

The operational structure behind Comcast’s next-generation Xfinity service reflects an emerging global trend toward IP-based consolidation of TV service management across all legacy and broadband outlets. In this video interview thePlatform’s CEO describes how Comcast and other service providers are putting his firm’s mpx system to use both as an immediate means of expanding IP video service capabilities and as a framework for ongoing multi-screen migration.

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