Seachange Microsite Summary

Central Back Office Platform Allows SPs to Deliver Multi-Screen Service

This demonstration of SeaChange International’s new Adrenalin back office shows how content formatted and published to each device can be continuously viewed as an authorized user moves from TV to tablet to PC with recommendations and other functionalities consistently presented across all screens.

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Steve Davi Explains How Demand for Multi-Device Services Can Be Met

SeaChange is working with customers worldwide to help them extend the reach of premium services, often in combination with branded over-the-top content, across all consumer access points. In this interview with ScreenPlays editor Fred Dawson, SeaChange SVP Steve Davi discusses the varied approaches service providers are taking, the complexities of multi-device service and how they can be addressed with an integrated workflow management system.

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SeaChange AssetFlow Delivers Comprehensive Solution to Monetize Multi-Screen Strategies

This white paper provides content suppliers and service providers essential guidance on the multitude of back-office, asset management and network functionalities that must be orchestrated through a central platform to enable a successful multi-screen distribution and service business. Learn how SeaChange International’s AssetFlow system achieves these requirements while at the same time radically reducing the complexities and operations surrounding coordination of advertising placements, transcoding, streaming formats, billing and all the other steps that go into monetizing content across all access networks and devices.

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From ScreenPlays: SeaChange Pools Tech Assets To Create Next-Gen Back Office

SeaChange International has taken the wraps off its long-evolving multi-screen back-office system with the intention of bringing to bear a wide range of functionalities vital to supporting monetization around new business models through a single operations environment.

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