Keys to Building a Pay TV Caliber Multiscreen & nPVR Infrastructure


Eliminating Appliance Sprawl Is Key to IP Video Migration

edgewareIn this infographic Edgeware addresses the challenge service providers face with the traditional approach to using origin server clusters to support the recording, storage, packaging, streaming and load balancing requirements of ever increasing volumes of multiscreen service channels. As illustrated here, what would otherwise become an impossibly huge array of origins as the streaming volume goes up can be reduced to just a handful with use of the Edgeware VCP Origin solution.

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Video Consolidation Platform Gains Traction in Multiple NSP Scenarios

edgewareAt a moment of striking diversity in MVPDs’ choices of video migration strategies one element common to a growing number of operator initiatives is a highly flexible approach to streamlining next-gen time-shift and distribution operations developed by Edgeware. The Swedish company, which just won the Fierce Innovation Award for Cable & Video Network Architecture, has capitalized on growing demand for ways to cut costs and eliminate duplication in the transition to IP-based TV services with a combination of SDN-optimized software and proprietary hardware that is malleable enough to facilitate many different approaches to service migration.

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Consolidating VOD and IP Multiscreen Distribution in Next-Gen Pay TV Services

edgewareA robust, highly scalable consolidated distribution platform allows network service providers to tightly orchestrate core and edge time-shift and distribution applications under a unified software defined network (SDN) management system to streamline migrations to next-gen services. As this white paper explains, Edgeware has addressed operators’ needs for a virtualized network architecture to achieve the levels of multi-purpose functionality that are essential to driving silos and costs out of service expansion. Strategic initiatives such as consolidation of geographically dispersed networks, VOD expansion, TV Everywhere, IP migration and network DVR that have been moving on diverse technology procurement tracks can now be executed at unprecedented economies of scale on the Video Consolidation Platform developed by Edgeware.

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New Architecture Streamlines IP/Legacy Distribution & nPVR

Edgeware CEO Joachim Roos explains how MVPDs can consolidate IP and legacy distribution onto a high-power edge platform that also supports efficient use of resources for catchup and nPVR services across edge and core components, all under control of an SDN-optimized management system.

A Cost-Effective Approach To Architecting Networks for Cloud DVR & Catchup TV

Cloud DVRThis white paper details how a Tier 1 pay TV operator has significantly reduced the costs of supporting a hugely popular cloud DVR and catchup TV service while enabling retirement of costly DVR set-tops. Despite surging usage volumes the operator has been able to avoid capital spending on network capacity expansion through hierarchical deployment of Edgeware’s Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN) platform.

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A Field-Proven Approach To Accelerating ROI on A Video Delivery System

Surging volumes of Web-based and premium on-demand video traffic pose major challenges for traditional modes of distribution over service providers’ core networks. In this case study Edgeware shows how a new approach employing state-of-the-art distributed network architecture can vastly lower costs of supporting operators’ requirements now and into the future.

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The Vital Role of Purpose-Built High-Performance Video Servers For Future Proofing Distribution

Capabilities essential to maximizing video distribution efficiency in the multiscreen service era require high-performance servers built precisely to the needs of network operators. As discussed in this white paper, Edgeware has created a unique server platform that employs content storage with video-aware file system in flash memory and other innovative functionalities that overcome the limitations of using general purpose devices to stream and cache high-value content.

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The Win/Win for Video CDNs: High-Value Video Quality Assurance & OTT Monetization

By building video-optimized CDNs network operators can assure the quality performance essential to meeting consumer, content provider and advertiser expectations for premium content delivered to connected devices of every description. Moreover, operators deploying their own advanced CDN infrastructures create a new opportunity to generate revenue from OTT transport.

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