New White Paper from Cisco

Video-Aware Networking:
Automating Networks & Applications to Simplify the Future of Video

As consumer demand grows for higher quality, more personalized video experiences, so too does the pressure on our networks to keep up. Configuration and operations can become complex, scalability and quality are often difficult to balance, and speed and security seem diametrically opposed.

The answer lies in opening up the communication lines between the network and applications to quickly, securely and efficiently move video bits across the network through what we call “Video-Aware Networking.” Cisco® Video-Aware Networking provides the intent-based networking foundation that is informed by video-aware context (real-time data captured across the network), including network telemetry, video quality, security threats and user behavior.

The network is made contextually aware of the applications and services it is running, and the applications will advertise to the network what it requires so that the network can supply it.
With orchestration, this data is transformed into intent that informs how networks and applications behave, including automating operations, video Quality of Experience (QoE), dynamic security, and subscriber monetization. It is a programmatic way to operate networks and services, based on their needs, through APIs. Continue Reading >>