Tech & Security Issues Facing HDR in Pay TV

Part 1

The Consumer-Driven Case for Making HDR Part of UHD

Charter Chief Architect Scott Davis and Irdeto Product Marketing Director Dave Belt discuss how viewer expectations, competitive pressures and availability of HDR-enhanced content for pay TV services are affecting preparations for next-gen UHD TV.

Topic Highlights

  • The state of consumer confusion over industry labels
  • The impact of retail displays on consumer expectations
  • Complexities producers face in creating HDR content
  • Overview of tech issues to be surmounted by service providers

Part 2

Tech Challenges Bedevil Service Providers in the Ramp-Up to UHD

Charter Communications Chief Architect Scott Davis discusses the issues his and other cable MSOs must resolve in order to make HDR-enhanced UHD service a compelling option for the largest possible number of UHD set owners.

Topic Highlights

  • The need to accommodate an ongoing flow of new metadata and other standards
  • The importance of ensuring the viewing experience meets producers’ expectations
  • The need to determine how to match dynamic ranges with varying TV capabilities
  • Challenges surrounding coding bit counts, compression and transfer functions

Part 3 of 3

Watermarking Is Just the Beginning in Efforts to Secure UHD Content

Irdeto Product Marketing Director Dave Belt discusses the challenges beyond simply implementing watermarking that must be met to fulfill content owners’ expectations that distribution of UHD content will bring with it a more effective battle against piracy.

Topic Highlights

  • The scope of piracy worldwide
  • The need to target native device DRMs as new protection mechanisms take hold
  • Policies that have to be implemented to make watermarking effective
  • The state of ecosystem collaboration on anti-piracy measures