Innovation, Navigation & Security in the Pay TV Marketplace

Part 1 – The Global State of Innovation

NAGRA senior product marketing director Simon Trudelle reviews results of a comprehensive Pay TV Innovation Forum survey that reveals how MVPD executives at leading companies worldwide gauge the importance of innovation and where their priorities lie with regard to bundling flexibility, OTT collaborations and other initiatives.

Topic Highlights

  • Commonalities in MVPDs’ views of innovation
  • The trend toward offering more flexible subscription options
  • On-boarding OTT content & the move to multiscreen delivery
  • How priorities in North America differ from those elsewhere

Part 2 – The New UI Paradigm

NAGRA senior product marketing director Simon Trudelle explains the multi-functionality of a user interface template that gives MVPDs the competitive advantage they’re looking for in providing subscribers a consistent multi-screen navigational experience they can’t find anywhere else.

  • Putting the consumer at the center of the experience
  • Partnerships supporting integration of OTT elements into the pay TV UI
  • Functions essential to discovery across thousands of assets
  • Making UI-based promotions entertaining to subscribers

Part 3 – Fulfilling the Anti-Piracy Mandate

NAGRA senior product marketing director Christopher Schouten describes the market conditions and technology advances that have brought the pay TV industry to a new era in content security where long-discussed advanced mechanisms aimed at thwarting piracy must be implemented by MVPDs.

  • Interpreting Hollywood’s security requirements as best practices for today’s environment
  • Implications of NAGRA’s acquisition of watermarking firm Nexguard
  • How NAGRA has applied multiple technologies to solve 100% of the security problem
  • Making consumers aware of illegal activities and other essential steps to stopping pirates