Content Owners Gain New Traction With Tools to Revamp OTT Models


aioTV Opens New World of Options for Direct-to-Consumer Strategies

Part Three of a Four-Part Series

The emergence of broadband TV is pulling content owners into a market free-for-all where the ability to create far more immersive consumer experiences than old approaches allow will be essential to building audiences and driving new revenues.

Until recently, online distribution of movies and TV programming was largely left to OTT aggregators and MVPD providers of TV Everywhere services, with little or no opportunity for differentiation and promotion on the part of individual providers. But with the relentless growth in video consumption on connected devices the need to gain control over the consumer’s viewing experience has become central to the core businesses of TV and OTT program originators, prompting them to go directly to viewers under their own brands with streaming support for live as well as time-shifted content.

In this chaotic, intensely competitive arena, the challenge for every content owner is to do whatever it takes to make sure these strategies pay off with higher levels of consumer engagement and significant gains in advertising revenues. Consequently, traditional online strategies must give way to delivering a much more compelling user experience than ever before.

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