Media Innovation Summit – The title is longer

Verizon guy

A post related to the Media Innovation Summit.  I put this image as an example of an image that might be included.  I could envision a new post per week related to the Summit.  Would need a page or post for registration as well.  and here is some more text to see what happens.  I guess I need to make an excerpt.  I am going to put more words in here to see if this evens this up with the "lead post" that is to the left of this post.  

Note, I made the title longer to match the "lead story".  I wanted to see if this pushed the "Latest Developments" Title (the next featured posts category to the left – it was in the center before).  

I had to add "and longer still" to push the "Latest Developments Category" to the right place.  Hmm, there must be a good way to control this.  I wonder if there is a height that could be put into css.  

Note, I removed excerpts, as Arras gives control over the number of words in an excerpt, when it takes it directly from the article.